Things are not always as they seem. Sometimes what we see is not, in reality, to what we can expect.

For example, the other day I was waiting at the barbershop for a haircut. There were nine barbers working and all engaged. There were four customers waiting. I was number five.

Sitting down, I noticed the barber next to me dabbing alcohol on the back of the neck of her customer. Not sure what happened, but he was bleeding. Not much, but blood nonetheless. There are two things I never want my barber to do while cutting my hair: say “oops” or draw blood.

After applying the alcohol, the barber applied a bandage and finished brushing off hair clippings. “Hope I don’t get that barber,” I thought to myself, fiddling with my ticket bearing 34.

Another barber had just finished and was calling out the next number. “Number 32?” No answer. “Number 33?” No answer. “Number 34?” Here, I replied. Whew, I didn’t get the barber who drew blood.

At this point, the barber noticed that a man bearing 33 was standing beside me. She didn’t notice him when she called my number. I sat down to wait for the next barber.

The barber who drew blood finished ringing up her client. She looked at the number counter and called out, “Number 34?” I raised my hand and headed to her chair, hoping my haircut goes better than the previous gentlemen.

Despite my apprehension, my haircut went smoothly. Actually, it was probably the best haircut I’ve ever received.


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