Snow, berries and birds outside the Stockbridge Libary

Snow caps berries on a tree outside the Stockbridge Library. (Photos by Russell Petcoff)

Snow had fallen overnight back in Stockbridge, Mass. It was February 2011. My wife and I were visiting a friend in the town the artist Norman Rockwell made famous. A fresh coating of newly fallen snow is always so beautiful. The snowfall had been gentle, so the flakes piled up nicely on all it blanketed.

In the morning, we headed out of town. We were going to have lunch with another friend who was driving in from Boston. Driving past the town library, I noticed the tree with snow-capped berries. It was a shot too beautiful to pass.

I quickly stopped to get a few pictures. I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed robins and cedar wax wings in the tree feasting on the berries. They didn’t seem to mind and let me take several photos. As long as I didn’t interrupt their meal, they didn’t seem to mind my company.

Click…click…click. I took as many photos as I could. At any moment they could fly away before I could get the one great shot. Time was short, and I was working fast.

Robin watchs Stockbridge life while comtemplating a lunch of berries.

It’s surprises like this that makes photography so enjoyable. Sure, a photographer can prepare all he or she can to get the shot, but sometimes the photographic opportunity just unexpectedly appears.

Cedar wax wing going for the best berry possible.

This was definitely a time where I was very thankful my camera was with me.


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