Stormy and quiet Easter morning

It’s Easter morning in western Kentucky…Wickliffe to be precise. He is Risen!

An example of bad writing is “It was a dark and stormy night.” Well, it’s a dark and stormy morning. Rain. Thunder. Lightning. They woke me up at 4 a.m., but then my body thinks it’s 5 a.m. Sleeping in is not something I can do easily.

Fortunately, the lightning is far away, so there’s not the sharp thunderclaps that scare the you-know-what out out of you. It’s kind of neat seeing the flashes illuminating the dark morning. I imagine a lot of local pastors are scrambling to adjust their sunrise Sonrise services. It’s important to remember the true meaning of Easter. It’s not the pastor’s Resurrection message or Easter egg hunts that makes this morning special. It’s the knowledge and personal satisfaction Christians have that Christ died for us so we can have eternal life with the Father. Because of Jesus, believers stand sinless before a Holy and Just God.

The quiet and stillness of the early morning is also nice. Sitting back with my thoughts, just enjoying the solitude and the feeling of not having anything pressing to do.

Soli Deo Gloria.


One thought on “Stormy and quiet Easter morning

  1. He has indeed risen, Brother-in-law! And, He has risen in YOU and in your writings! I have enjoyed this immensely! You have succinctly yet powerfully summarized the “reason for the season.”

    I pray that you and Lisa have a wonderful visit with Jim and Phyllis and that Lisa enjoys her quilting conference. I also pray God’s boldness, peace and protection over you, both in your writings and in your travel.

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