The parking lot attendant is a sage

It was a long day of traveling. Lisa and I had started the day in far western Kentucky (Wickliffe, to be precise), drove to Nashville and flew to Baltimore-Washington International Airport. We were now in the car for the ride home.

The weather was cooperating for the hour-long drive. For us, yesterday was the third day of nice weather. The sun was shining and the air was pleasant. It felt like spring was finally here. A week ago the weather was chilly when we left BWI, and it rained for much of the time in Paducah.

Before we could head home, we needed to exit the long-term parking lot.

The light was green above the attendant’s booth. I pulled up and handed the attendant our ticket. I tend to be an introvert and have to push myself to talk with people. I try to practice whenever I can.

“It’s a pretty day to watch the world go by,” I said to the booth attendant. Her name tag read Ernestine.

“Everyday is a pretty day when you wake up,” Ernestine said. “You know, 26 years ago I had ovarian cancer — stage 3 — and Jesus Christ healed me. Everyday is a pretty day.”

Amen…can’t argue with Ernestine’s outlook.

Makes me reflect on how fortunate and blessed I am. What about you?


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