100 Strangers 9 of 100

100 Strangers 9 of 100 by petcoffr
100 Strangers 9 of 100, a photo by petcoffr on Flickr.

This picture is #9 in my 100 Strangers project. This is Paul LaPorte. I met him at the Duane Reade Pharmacy at 57th Street and 7th Avenue in New York City. He asked what type of camera I had. Told him it’s a Nikon D80. LaPorte said he had one too. He bought his first camera in 1951 while stationed in Panama. His fellow soldiers said he should buy a camera before they shipped home. They told him to get a Leica. In the U.S., they sold for $444. In Panama they went for about $200. He didn’t have the money, being $25 short. The store owner offered two little-known cameras. One was a Nikon and the other a Canon. He didn’t know which would be better, so he chose the Nikon. His fellow soldiers mocked LaPorte for buying a Japanese camera. They told him everyone knew Japanese-made products were junk. He figured he could sell it back in the U.S. and make money. He’s owned several Nikons since. Learn more about the project at http://www.100strangers.com or http://www.flicker.com/groups/100strangers.


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