A morning at Cranford UMC

Cemeteries are not places I normally hang out at. Old cemeteries, however, offer great opportunities to take great textured photos.

Merton Sanborn.

Merton Sanborn.

Not too far from where I live is Cranford United Methodist Church. From its website, here is a brief write up the church’s history:

Cranford Church traces its history back to the 18th century. The sacred and historic spot is the site of three churches and two school houses. The first Pohick Church was located here from 1730-1774, making it one of the earliest sites of a religious institution in Fairfax County.

I envisioned most of the photos in black and white. The moss on Merton C. Sanborn’s obelisk

I love the age and graininess of the headstones. However, the solemness of this sacred spot brought to mind the lives represented here. Who were these people? What were their lives like? Does anyone still remember them?

Tri stones_1

A trio of headstones

Dennis E Hicks_1

Dennis E. Hicks

Margaret _2

Margaret L. Dawson

Metia V Wiley_1

Ametia V. Wiley

Ann Flaskett_2

Ann Flasket


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