There comes a time when there is no time

Ronnalee NetteburgIt’s easy to forget about life and those who mean something to you, and then it’s too late. There isn’t the chance to spend time with that person, to let them know what they meant to you.

A dear friend passed away several days ago after a long illness. She died peacefully in her home surrounded by her loving and devoted husband, Kermit, and family who equally loved her.

It had been years since I’d last seen her. It was a few years after I’d married my wife. We met them at a popular pizzeria in Washington on a Sunday.

A couple of years before I met the couple one Saturday in church. Kermit invited me to their home for dinner. It was something they did regularly every Saturday, often inviting new members. There was easily eight to a dozen people at their home every Saturday to share a meal and fellowship. It was always a beautiful time.

Going to their home on Saturday afternoons became regular for me. They expected me. It came to the point they gave me the keys to their home to let myself in and welcome guests they had invited because they stayed behind at church to meet new people to invite. It was if I’d become the “son they never knew they had.”

They helped me maintain my faith after returning to the Washington area. For that, I’m forever grateful.

The friend was Ronnalee Netteburg. She was a beautiful woman, the epitome of what Christ wants of His followers. The world was a better place with her in it. I will miss her.


One thought on “There comes a time when there is no time

  1. Im so sorry she has passed away.
    She was so kind to me and my mother. She also invited us to her home for a delicious dinner.
    I have that hope to meet again at the resurrection morning, and give her a big hug!
    Please accept my loving sympathy.
    Alicia Robertson

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