About Russ and his commonplace blog

Thank you for visiting my commonplace blog. I’m truly honored you took the time to stop by and read. Hope you enjoy your time reading. Feel free to leave a comment.

This blog’s theme is simple. It’s an online commonplace book. What is a commonplace book? Before the easy availability of books, people used to keep a notebook where they copied passages of books they liked. It wasn’t limited to book passages. People used commonplace books to write down thoughts and poems, sketch pictures…a repository of whatever it was they didn’t want to forget. Go to Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commonplace_book) to learn more about commonplace books.

This commonplace blog is about what I’m thinking, reading or seeing at the moment of the post. Sometimes it’s a blog from work. The only thing predictable about it is its unpredictability. Please be patient with me. In order to not miss out, why not subscribe? Then you’ll be sure to not miss my latest.

What are my favorite postings? They are “If a writer writes and there’s no one to read it, is he a writer?“‘ “Going on a foot patrol in Afghanistan” and “Shakespeare goes to the moon over front-page headlines.” Which one is your favorite?

I retired from the Air Force in 2010 after a 21-year career in Public Affairs. My greatest honor was winning editorial of the year for “What’s the most popular computer password?” in the 2009 Air Force Media Contest. I studied journalism and photojournalism at Indiana University.

I would love to hear from you about my blog. Do you have any thoughts of insights to share with me? Email me at russpetcoff@gmail.com.


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