Four years and still no niche

It’s been almost four years since I’ve really written anything for this blog. I’m probablyfullsizeoutput_1a7c the only one who knows.

This blog doesn’t have a lot of readers. That’s OK. I don’t do this blog for any particular reason other than to have a writing platform for myself.

Asked an award-winning journalist friend feedback on a blog I wrote about 9/11. He wrote back saying I needed to ask myself a question:

“Do I have a unique enough of a voice for anyone to be interested in what I have to say on a general interest blog?”

“So what is your niche?” he later wrote.

The blogging stopped because there wasn’t a niche or unique voice. His expectations for blogs weren’t in mine, so I stopped.

Never expected my writing to make me the next Ernest Hemingway, Mike Royko, or Ernie Pyle. Not Irvin S. Cobb or Russ Metz, either.

What I should expect to be is Russ Petcoff. If other people read it and like it then great. In the meantime, continue writing my blogs the way they come.

No niche at the moment. Don’t see one emerging either. I blog to be a part of the American conversation because everyone has something to say.

Starting to believe that’s my niche.

Onward and upward.



Where is the passion? How did it escape? Why wasn’t I aware it slipped away?

I need passion like the passion Billy Graham has for Christ. Passion that Gordon Ramsey has for cooking. Passion like Ernest Hemingway had for a finely crafted sentence, that Beethoven had for his 9th Symphony, that Ansel Adams had for photography an Yosemite. The passion God has for everyone.

Unattended, passion vanishes like a delicate cherry blossom in tonight’s torrential thunderstorm.

Passion is in each one of us; it is in me. Simply need to seek it, find it, embrace it and never let it go.

Time to do a little cultivating. Passion will grow with careful nurturing.