Traffic and drilling

It’s the Friday before the Labor Day weekend. Amazing how many people flee the DC area at this time. The Metro parking garage in Springfield/Franconia was not even half full when I arrived this morning. With so many people leaving the area I hate to think what traffic will be like Monday afternoon. Any serenity people achieve on their long weekend will surely be long gone by the time they confront the “Beltway International Speedway and Demolition Derby.”

We’ve all experienced buzz words. I remember once seeing a “Buzz Word Bingo” card. It was a tongue-in-cheek way of passing the time at a meeting. Wonder if anyone ever yelled out “bingo” at a meeting? Can people ever speak without using the “buzz word du jour”? The other day I attended a meeting and learned a new one: “drill down.” They used it in terms of finding or assessing information. During this two-hour meeting, people used it more than 25 times. Wow, can’t folks expand their vocabulary? Let’s cap this gusher.